“I give people the courage to DREAM AGAIN and achieve a total Money Turnaround  through my speaking, books, coaching and online courses.”

“I am a living testimony that it is NEVER too late. You can evolve, re- invent yourself  and DREAMAGAIN to reach your dreams and total financial freedom”. 

Born in the dusty streets of Thornwood, Durban, South Africa. Everything around me said ‘you will never be more’. Inspired by my childhood motto and mantra #ONEDAY, I pushed through limitations and silenced all the negative voices. I graduated from University of KwaZulu Natal with a BA and Honours degree in Media and Communications plus a PR Diploma.


Armed with stubborn, unshakable faith (#InkaniEngcwele) I moved from buying second hand clothes (we could not afford to buy new ones) , to posing for TV interviews on various red carpets around the world. As a fountain of creative ideas, I am the founder of the biggest Gospel music Awards in African continent, The Crown Gospel Music Awards.


My career includes presenting on radio, talk shows on TV and editing a newspaper women’s supplement before starting my successful marketing, media and events agency which is now celebrating 20 years.


“All my studies, experiences (good and bad), betrayals, divorce, sickness, losing money, negative publicity, international speaking engagements and more,  have shaped and trained me for this moment – when I am excited to Re-Introduce myself to you as a Life & Business Coach, here to push you towards your dreams and financial freedom”